The adventure begins when you enter The Wild Animal Park and walk through Grandpa Taylor’s Barnyard, a petting zoo where visitors can feed the pigmy goats and their adorable babies. Visitors can also feed the zebu cows, donkeys, alpacas, and can check out the peacocks. The two very lovable camels also like to consider themselves part of the pettings zoo – so don’t forget to stop over to see these gentle giants.

As you progress on your journey, don’t miss the American alligators – they can be seen lounging around and sunning themselves on hot days. You can see these fierce predators in action during the feedings and educational talks, which are scheduled throughout the day.

Before you continue on, say “hello” to the macaws and they might just talk back. You can then learn about and see the coatimundies, the zebra and the aoudads, which are a species of sheep originating in North Africa.  Before you know it you will be upon the tigers.

The Wild Animal Park is home to two Bengal tigers, one of which is a rare white tiger. Both playful tigers are just over a year old and can be found romping around their exhibit which is designed to resemble their natural habitat. They love playing in their swimming hole, chasing each other around, and enjoy soaking up the sun. To learn more about these majestic animals, catch one of the educational talks and feedings, which are scheduled throughout the day.

Just across from the tigers, you will discover the kangaroos hopping about – powerful muscles in their legs enable the kangaroos to jump as far as 30 feet in one leap. Use your powerful muscles and hop on over to Hopper’s Bounceland! Kids can enjoy hours of bouncing and sliding across a variety of bounce houses. Warning – they won’t want to leave!

Next to Hopper’s Bounceland food and beverages are served up at Jeff’s Jungle Snack Shack.

Just around the bend you will find an African crested porcupine, which is world’s largest species of porcupine. They can grow to be two-and-a-half feet long and weigh up to 50 pounds. Neighboring the African Crested porcupine is the grey fox exhibit.

One of the newest additions to the Wild Animal Park is the fallow deer exhibit. Originally a Eurasian species of deer, the Fallow deer is now widely scattered throughout Europe and a vast region of Asia. It is also found in some parts of the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and a few areas of the United States.

Next stop on the tour is a visit with Wyatt the Watusi, a breed of cattle originally native to Africa. Its large, distinctive horns, that can reach up to 8 feet (2.4 m) from tip to tip.

Boo Boo and Koda, The Wild Animal Park’s two American black bears, like to show off their climbing skills and can also be found taking a swim in their pool. Stop by their home during one of the educational talks and feedings to learn more about these playful characters who just love attention (and marshmallows).

See our red fox and continue just around the next bend to meet one of our first members of the zoo – Montana. This beautiful bobcat can be found demonstrating his extreme balancing skills next to our famous American badger Billy. Prior to joining the zoo, Billy made guest appearances on TV shows, including The Jimmy Fallon Show.

Come out and enjoy a tour of The Wild Animal Park -- experience this fascinating educational experience firsthand. The adventure begins here!

The Wild Animal Park is licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and is required to follow strict regulations for feeding, housing and caring for animals.
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