Located on 14 acres just north of the Village of Chittenango in New York State, The Wild Animal Park is a zoo that provides a unique opportunity for visitors to learn about a variety of animals. With a wide range of domestic and exotics animals from all over the world, it's a great place for adventure, learning, and hours of family fun!

Be sure to visit The Wild Animal Park, a unique environment where animals, adventure, and education come together for a memorable and fun family experience. The Owner, Jeff Taylor, is thankful for the overwhelming support of the local community and beyond. Jeff and his team take great pride in being accessible, are focused on providing a friendly atmosphere, and are always looking for opportunities to enhance the experience of visitors.

The Wild Animal Park is licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and is required to follow strict regulations for feeding, housing and caring for animals.


The Wild Animal Park owner, Jeff Taylor, grew up on a farm and has always loved being around animals. The Wild Animal Park is the result Jeff following his dreams and he is happy to share this unique experience with the public.  His main focus for the zoo is to provide an interactive, educational setting that encourages adventure, imagination, and family fun.

When he was 10 years old, Jeff liked to design zoos during his study hall. As an adult, he began setting the stage to build his zoo. He started out with a couple of goats for his son's first birthday. For his second birthday he bought him a camel and started a traveling petting zoo. Jeff's petting zoo has visited many fairs and festivals across New York State.

He's spent the last 9 years building The Wild Animal Park on 14 acres on Lakeport Road in the town of Sullivan. He obtains the animals from other zoos located around the country. Jeff, who previously owned a landscaping company, designed the custom habitats for each species to resemble their natural settings, allow maximum, safe access and viewing for visitors.

Jeff has acquired most of the animals during their infancy from other zoos. That meant bottle feeding a pair of North American black bears – Boo Boo and Koda – and Kiara a young tiger cub, Kovu, Zuri and Zayda when they were lion cubs.

The Wild Animal Park is dedicated in memory of Jeff's grandfather, Don Taylor. Don was a hard working farmer by trade and instilled in his grandson a love of animals and adventure.

As Jeff continues to follow his dreams, he is always looking for ways to expand and enhance The Wild Animal Park experience.

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